Behavioral Health Programs

Clive Behavioral Health, located in Des Moines, Iowa, provides compassionate care for adults who struggle with a behavioral health disorder or co-occurring disorders. Our care providers work closely with patients and their loved ones to help achieve their personal treatment goals. We provide a secure, healing environment for all our patients, staff and visitors.

Based on a clinical assessment, each patient’s treatment plan is customized to meet their specific needs and promote better outcomes. Our staff supports patients through every step of treatment. Our mission is to help them stabilize behavior and emotions and leave the hospital with new, effective coping methods. To promote ongoing progress after a patient leaves our care, we initiate community referrals for continued care after discharge.

The average length of stay in our hospital is five to seven days. However, stays may be shorter or longer than average based on individual needs. The physician, therapist, care team and the patient and their support circle collectively determine the patient’s time of discharge.

Outpatient Services

Individualized Approach to Recovery

Within a caring and accepting atmosphere, our experienced care providers help patients identify problems that prevent them from living fuller, more productive lives. We integrate each patient’s personal goals into the treatment plan, which emphasizes support systems, strengths and community connections.

This recovery-oriented focus is made possible by the collective skills and knowledge of our treatment team. It guides each patient to make healthy choices and helps them return to an optimal level of functioning.

Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

Our treatment team includes psychiatrists, registered nurses, psychologists, social workers, recreation therapists, certified addiction counselors and other mental health professionals. Patients themselves are an integral member of their treatment team and participate in developing individual goals for healthy living. Family members receive education to help them support their loved one on their personal journey to wellness.

Treatment Approaches

Inpatient care is based on a therapeutic environment or milieu. This is a positive atmosphere, which is useful in developing social and emotional skills beneficial in everyday life. The therapeutic environment we maintain promotes insight, individual responsibility, positive reinforcement and the use of peer groups for enhanced socialization.
Groups are offered to allow patients to discuss treatment issues and personal feelings. Coaching from a therapist enhances verbal participation, personal affirmation, listening skills, peer feedback and therapeutic insights.

We offer all patients an intensive program of therapies and activities to promote growth in social and emotional strengths. These may help the patient develop new, healthy ways of handling individual issues. Patients are expected to participate actively in all components to improve self-awareness, insight, interactions and coping skills.

Educational groups are held on a daily basis. Topics may include the disease process related to addictions, medications, stress management, nutrition, physical health and relaxation techniques. Handouts, introspective activity and videos may be used to facilitate the education process.
Our programs offer many opportunities for recreation and fellowship outside of the traditional therapeutic environment. Outdoor courtyards, a gymnasium, a craft room and a beautiful dining room all provide opportunity for purposeful, goal-oriented activities to improve skills in:

  • Cognition (problem-solving)
  • Self-awareness
  • Interpersonal and social interactions
  • Stress management
  • Self-sufficiency and independence
  • Health, wellness and nutrition
  • Resiliency

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